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World First graces Port of Airlie Marina

World First graces Port of Airlie 


By Cap'n Dan Van Blarcom



Super yacht colours Airlie waterfront



The new superyacht berths at Port of Airlie Marina are already attracting the high class of yacht sure to be drawn to the safe deep water port within an easy walk of Airlie Beach and fast cruising distance to the Great Barrier Reef.


Newly berthed is Motor Yacht MARY-ROSE a Delfino 93 launched by Benetti yachts in Viareggio, Italy in May 2011.


A very noticeable aspect of M/Y MARY-ROSE is the chameleon colour scheme that yacht spotters have noticed; it changes with the mood of the owner. This is possible as she sports the world's first exterior LED lighting system; a technology that illuminates the exterior areas in over 30 different colour combinations and tones, varying with the chromatic appearance. This produces optimal lighting and atmosphere at all times in any light conditions.


Built exclusively for a demanding Australia owner, MARY-ROSE is the second motor yacht of the new Delfino 93 series of 28.50m "pocket superyachts" by Benetti that debuted at the Cannes Boat Show in 2010.


MARY-ROSE was designed by Stefano Righini with an interior by Carlo Galeazzi. Built in composite MARY-ROSE is designed to accommodate up to ten guests in comfort and style.


MARY-ROSE special features include a customized audio system, allowing optimal enjoyment of music selections both inside and outside the yacht.


Powered by twin 747kW Caterpillars, M/Y MARY-ROSE has a range of 1,500 nautical miles at 12 knots.


Reef Fest Recyclable Raft Race



Reef Fest Recyclable Raft Race


The Whitsunday Reef Festival Schweppes Recyclable Raft Race will be sailed at 3 O'clock Sunday afternoon August 18 at the Airlie Lagoon.


Get your entry in now by following the simple provisional rules informed by the Pirate's Code - guidelines really- that the craft be made of clean recycled materials sailed / paddled by two or more crew and may be recycled into a JJ Richards bin following the race. Rules Note: Subject to judge's whim or payoff and of course no correspondence will be entered into; see 'fine print'.


Over the last few years a wonderful collection of quite creative craft has taken to the water; some have even managed to float! However under the watchful eye of our mighty Lagoon lifeguards we haven't lost anyone, although the level of seamanship has left something to be improved upon.


The Whitsunday Reef Festival -15-18 August- is a celebration and showcase of our vibrant and diverse community. Now in its 13th year, a rich history has developed in the community bringing different people together to celebrate what we all share, a fabulous lifestyle and beautiful place in the tropical north to call home.


Enter now and get an extra sponsor's prize if you can answer correctly; "what is the oldest soft drink in the world"

To enter or further details and fine print -


Sometin' Fishy


 Two people were caught with approximately 150 alleged reef fish including approximately 100 Red Emperor. The owner of a recreational fishing vessel was reported for the allegedly poaching from "no-take" protected zones. The suspect was intercepted by Qld Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers and charged with State-Fisheries offences.


Lady sails globe


Seventy-year-old Jeanne Socrates, believed to be the oldest female sailor to make a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe is now home in British Columbia, Canada.

Socrates an amateur radio operator KC2IOV set out from Victoria's Inner Harbor in her 36 foot cruiser Nereida in October 2012

This was not Socrates first attempt having made two previous attempts. The first ended in Cape Town, South Africa in 2009 and the second journey concluded in January 2011 with damage to her boat in a storm off Cape Horn. 

Socrates, a grandmother and retired teacher is raising money for Marie Curie Cancer Care, a UK based program that provides free home nursing for terminally ill cancer patients.


300 lighthouses ready


A milestone of 325 worldwide registrations has been reached for next month's International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend August 17/18.

Over 30 countries are represented with Australia and Germany leading with 50 each. Then USA on 40, England has 30, Argentina 20 and Sweden 15.

Now in the 16th year, the annual event promotes public awareness of traditional marine navigation methods, amateur radio and to foster international goodwill. Guidelines and registration


Weather; windy


Be sure to check out the new and easy-to-use timeline feature for marine area wind forecasts from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology marine wind forecast maps website. Also, the maps now use forecasts from BOM's high-resolution computer model.


Mariner Notice


Dent Passage - a lighted Special Mark buoy Fl Y has been temporarily established in Dent Passage between Dent Island and Hamilton Island to mark the position of a submarine water pipeline. The buoy is expected to be in position for up to two (2) weeks. AUS charts affected: 252, 253, 254 & 824


Fair winds to Ye!

Cap'n Dan


Cap'n Dan is a regular broadcaster on ABC Radio Tropical North


Barrier Reef fishing : black market?



Barrier Reef fishing : black market?


Fishing dories discovered fishing in green zones continues to be a problem with seven incident reports relating to commercial line fishing in the Townsville/Whitsunday Marine Park area and 40 in the Mackay/Capricorn area from January to March 2013; more reports than any other area in the Marine Park.

Recreational fishing offences in green zones declined in Jan-March 2013 compared to Oct-Dec 2012, but it continues to be the most frequent offence in the Marine Park with 300 recreational offences recorded reef-wide so far this financial year. There were 27 line fishing incidents for Townsville/Whitsunday and 20 in Mackay/Capricorn between January and March 2013.

Large numbers of people recreationally fish in the Maine Park, with the majority of offences involving local residents who don't fish regularly and are fishing relatively close to shore, and the most common action is an advisory letter.

However, there are growing concerns that well organised and equipped fishers are targeting green zones at night and possibly selling their catch on the black market. Inshore and offshore vessel and aircraft patrols will continue to target illegal fishing, particularly in the highest risk areas.


Reef fine; report


The payment of fines incurred for reef offenders, particularly commercial reef line fishers, has improved over the past year as the regulations have now been improved and an active debt recovery program has started.

This includes enforcement actions such as suspending the driver licence of fine defaulters. This initiative has resulted in an increased number of outstanding fines being paid and an increase in offenders entering fine payment plans. Over $100,000 in fine payments have been collected by GBRMPA since July 2012.

It appeared that fines weren't acting as a deterrent and commercial fishers in particular were re-offending.


AWA 100


Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) celebrates its 100th birthday this month. AWA produced all things radio, appliance, television and more for all those years.

In association with Marconi there was a radio operator training arm especially active during WWII.

The Historical Radio Society of Australia and the AWA Veterans' Association will be holding a Centenary reunion in Sydney on July 28 and is looking for other former associates. Details:


Yacht presumed lost


With the news that the search by The Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC) has formally ended the 85-year-old American schooner 'Nina' is presumed lost in the Tasman with seven aboard having perished.

Reports coming to light suggest the while 21-metre 'Nina' looked good above the waterline, she had become hogged, meaning the hull of the boat bends upward amidships due to structural weakness affecting her seaworthiness. The Tasman being a very unforgiving body of water she may have sustained a catastrophic failure turning her into a pile of planks in seconds. She had not been out of the water for three years while it was moored in Whangarei.


'Nina' built in 1928, left Opua NZ on May 29 with six Americans and a 35 year old leader of the British Greens, who refused, on environmental grounds, to fly across the Tasman.


It was last heard from on June 4 when 685km west-north-west of Cape Reinga, bound for Newcastle, Australia. The area was being hit by winds of 80kmh gusting to 110kmh, with swells up to 8-metres.


RCC said a customs declaration said while 'Nina' had no long-range (SSB) radio, she carried a satellite phone, a Spot satellite personal tracking device and an EPIRB.


O'Lucky Irish


Just before 3 am Saturday morning an Irish traveller ended in the drink off the main jetty in Bowen. Police called to the scene thankfully found the soggy groggy backpacker and got a lifebuoy line to him. Trying to get him back up was a problem, the jetty being quite a height from the water.

Our resourceful constabulary borrowed a boat, plucked the paddling paddy from the harbour and handed him to the Ambos to look after. Job well done!


Marine Notice


Lady Musgrave Island - the port lateral entrance beacon into Lady Musgrave Lagoon is damaged and could be leaning. This beacon is unlit.

Mariners are advised to navigate with caution in this area.

AUS charts affected: 818 & 819


Fair winds to Ye!

Cap'n Dan


Cap'n Dan is a regular broadcaster on ABC Radio Tropical North