Thursday, June 26, 2008

Master Blaster Laser Regatta comes of age

Great Grand Masters, Masters and apprentice Masters are invited to the Meriden Master Blaster Laser Regatta as part of the 19th Meridien Airlie Beach Race Week with sailing to start on August 17.
Competitors who have passed their 35th birthday may enter the Apprentice Masters; their 45th birthday the Masters; their 55th birthday may enter the Grand Masters and their 65th birthday may enter the Great Grand Masters. Proof of age and a note from mum will be required at registration.
A Laser is an Olympic class off beach sailboat, 14 feet (4 metres) long.
Details from Whitsunday Sailing Club.

Baby born at sea

A ship's cook on a shrimp boat bound for Freeport, Texas, gave birth to a baby son while at sea.
Cindy Preisel's baby wasn't due, but she unexpectedly went into labour while her boat, the 'MV Raindear', was miles from shore and out of radio range, The Brazoria County, Texas 'Facts' reports.
The ship's captain, Ed Keisel, delivered the child,
. "I am so thrilled about how this turned out," the mother said "He looks like he is happy and doing fine."

Wreck found

Marine researchers have discovered the wreck of H.M.S. Ontario in 150 meters of water in Lake Ontario near Rochester, New York.
The 80-foot (24-meter) brig-sloop sank in a sudden gale during the U.S. Revolutionary War on October 31, 1780.
Discovered in early June the ship's ornate, hand carved bow stem is a testament to the "personal pride" shipbuilders took in their vessels, said Dan Scoville, who found the Ontario along with fellow shipwreck enthusiast Jim Kennard.
"That's back when they cared about how a ship looked," Scoville said.

Light up

Last year the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend recorded 380 lights on the air from 48 countries with 40 lighthouses activated in Australia, second only to the USA with 45 lighthouses.
This is a fun event for amateur radio hobbyists and all you need to know about the event on August 16-17 is contained on the official web site at
The event is organised and managed by the Ayr Amateur Radio Group in Scotland
A reminder that it is not a contest but a chance to talk to other like operators around the world.

CO2 sucked in

The chemistry is basic. The ocean is a weakly alkaline solution. When carbon dioxide (CO2) is sucked in from the atmosphere and dissolves in seawater, it forms a weak acid, making the ocean more acidic. For sea life with fragile shells, corals and countless other sea creatures, a more acidic ocean could be disastrous and have unknown impacts right up the marine food chain.
Most of the reef is calcium carbonate, lime, and dissolves in weak acid.

Sports bra SOS

Berchtesgaden police officer Lorenz Rasp describes Jessica Bruinsma as "a very smart girl" who acted "very resourcefully."
German police say the 24-year-old hiker stranded in the Bavarian Alps for nearly three days was rescued after using her sports bra as an SOS signal.
Officials said the rescue team, including five helicopters and 80 emergency workers, responded when lumberjacks spotted the sports bra on a timber moving cable. Then an alpine rescue team was able to track the cable to a ledge where she had fallen.
He says, "She kept her shirt and jacket for warmth, but thought the sports bra could work as a signal."
Sometimes it just takes a knack for attracting attention in a distress situation.

Park news

Construction work at Tongue Point, Whitsunday Island will continue until August say parks staff.
The re-development includes a new viewing platform and installation of a boardwalk above Hill Inlet. Visitors can expect some minor disruption during this time.
Mooring inspections underway Queensland Parks and Wildlife rangers and volunteers will be undertaking mooring inspections throughout the Whitsundays.
Few disruptions to use of the moorings are expected and the assistance of vessel operators in keeping these areas safe for diving will be appreciated.

Live firing

Mariners are advised that live firing activities will be conducted in the marine component of Shoalwater Bay Training Area until August 17. Flares may be fired from ground level and should not exceed 400 feet in height. The flares have varying burn times and may be partially visible from the sea.
A Marine Danger Area extends to all waters south of the line defined by Oyster Creek Point and East Creek Point.
All waters, creeks, beaches and other areas within the declared marine danger area are not available for access. Any person or vessel found within these danger areas will be removed by Australian Defence Force personnel or by Queensland Police. Any costs associated with such removal will be borne by the owner, charterer, hirer or agent of the watercraft.
Any person or vessel found within the Marine Danger area of the Gazetted Defence Practice Area commits an offence subject to five penalty units or imprisonment for 3 months, or both.
A new Defence Practice Area - Shoalwater Bay has been implemented by the Minister of Defence. The Defence Practice Area has been expanded and may be inconsistent with the area currently represented on some available marine charts and land maps.
Points of contact for this notice are: (a) Range Control: (07) 49355000 during normal business hours Monday to Friday. (b) Defence Support Central Queensland Duty Officer: 0408 023 400 after hours. AUS Charts: 260, 367 & 822

Course change?

"If we don't change direction soon, we'll end up where we're going" - Professor Irwin Corey

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boat skills build Rotary event

The first local schools Boat Building Competition was hotly contested at the Oceanic Whitsunday Boat & Leisure Show at the weekend.
Crews of young boaties from Hamilton Island, St Catherine's, Cannonvale and Proserpine State Schools, Prossie High and the Christian College built ply boats with the help of experienced shipwrights.
Over two hours on Saturday morning, the teams worked vigorously to manufacture their masterpieces.
A long lunch followed, allowing the glue to dry. Then at 2.30pm, the race began. The boats, of all shapes, sizes and rigs, were launched into the waters of Abel Point Marina, their crews each expecting to paddle first to the finishing line.
At the start, Team Whitsunday Christian College appeared very unstable in their long outrigger.
However, when the starting flag was lowered, the crew lifted their feet into the narrow hull and left everyone behind. Did we hear-tell of an outrigger ring-in paddler?
Team St Catherine's' Primary, although underwater for most of the time surprised everyone by running second for the first half of the race.
Results for the inaugural event were; Race Winner - Team Whitsunday Christian College $1000.00 prize donated by Whitsunday Transit. Best Built Boat - Team Proserpine State School $500.00 prize donated by Des Davies of R Whitsunday. Most Enthusiastic - Team Cannonvale Primary - $500.00 prize donated by the Reef Gateway, reports Tim Arland of Rotary Club of Airlie
"Special thanks to Home Hardware for all the materials" Tim added.
This boat building event is certain to be on the program next year as it shows in such a positive way in which Rotary works with the community to benefit us all.

Lost and found

Whitsunday Game Fishing Club Junior member, Ryan Wardroper lost his tinny during the Easter break.
Ryan, his father and friends set out to the reef with Ryan's boat towed behind dad's larger vessel. After a couple of days fishing at the reef the weather turned for the worst, so they headed for home.
Unfortunately, Ryan's tinny, for which he had saved the money, was swamped by huge seas, the line broke and the tinny was lost! Ryan was devastated as he lost a bit of gear as well...
But... On Sunday the June 1, the tiny was found still intact and still floating . . . . in Cooktown.

Kaz II

The mystery of the ghost yacht Kaz II and three missing crew will be reviewed with news that the case is going to the coroner in Townsville.

Reef Trip

David Wachenfeld, Director of the Science, Technology & Information Group at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) gave a presentation into the workings of the complex environment of the Great Barrier Reef of Friday night. On Saturday, forty local OUCH adventurers enjoyed diving and snorkelling at the Fantasea Reef World pontoon at Hardy Reef. A Humpback whale mother and calf were spotted on the trip to the reef.
The two activities were sponsored by the OUCH (Order of Underwater Heroes) Coral Volunteers with a grant from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water and supported by GBRMPA and Fantasea.

Seaquest RP36s

In March Harold Menelaus of Airlie Beach took possession of his 17th yacht, a Seaquest RP36 Treasure VIII, designed by internationally renowned designers Reichel-Pugh.
This is the third Seaquest RP36 imported into Australia from Dubai. It was commissioned at Hawks boatyard in Airlie Beach. The sails were built by the local Ullman sails loft.
Menelaus, 79, got tired of continually being beaten in his local club races so he went looking for a boat that could satisfy his needs. He wanted a boat that looked good, was manufactured to the highest standards, comfortable down below and most importantly, sails fast.
'Late April we received a very excited call from Mr Harold Menelaus to tell us he had just had easily the best race ever over his very long racing history. He had raced in the local club twilight race and in eight to 12 knots his boat finished eight minutes ahead of anyone across the line and one minute ahead on handicap. Harold said his Seaquest RP36 is easily the best yacht he ever sailed, and he has had many yachts in his time.'
Menelaus will be campaigning his new yacht in this year's Meridien Marinas Airlie Beach Race Week.

Friday 13th

AAArrrr Dan... Just a mention for this week Matey!!! We of the Whitsunday Game Fish Club have our Frightmare Ball happening on the Fri 13th...Free entry...Guests and Ghouls welcome...Frogs legs...eyeballs and FINGERS food available...Soul Raffle...Tunnel of Horror for the kids...8 till Late...Altman Ave. Opposite Police Station.. Prepare to be scared.... aaahhhhrrrrrrrr contact Jeff Baker for all the gory details

Nara Inlet entrance beacon

Mariners are advised that the lighted port lateral mark beacon Fl.R.2.5s, which marks the entrance into Nara Inlet at Hook Island, has been re-established in approximate position latitude 20° 09.8' S, longitude 148° 54.03' E. The lighted port lateral mark buoy Fl.R.2.5s that was temporarily established to mark the position has been removed. AUS charts: 249, 252

Honest Abe

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee" - Abraham Lincoln

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

First whales signal early Humpback season

The first sightings of whales this week signal the return of these majestic creatures to our ‘winter’ man and mammal playground – the Whitsunday Islands

Captain Pete of Aviation Adventures reported the first sighting from his iconic ‘bubble helicopter’

“We saw a mum and calf about eight or tem miles north-east of Border Island near Hook Reef’ Captain Pete told Waterfront this week.

“There were also a pod of dolphins escorting them. It’s a bit early so it should be a good season.” Captain Pete added.

Boat show this weekend

A boat building competition will be a feature of Oceanic Whitsunday Boat and leisure Show this weekend.
Crews of young boaties from Hamilton Island, Cannonvale and Proserpine State Schools, Prossie High and the Christian College will construct ply boats with the help of experienced shipwrights.
Building the boat is only the beginning; they must then complete a course on the waters of Abel Point Marina. It should raise some mirth before the finale of sinking below the surface. Nevertheless, perhaps they will float – it is in their skilful hands.
“Building starts 10 am on Saturday and the crews get two hours to build the boat. After lunch at 2.30, they will see if the glue has dried and the boat will float” reports Tim Arland of Rotary Club of Airlie

“Awards of $1000 from Whitsunday Transit for the winning school crew plus $500 best boat donated by Des Davies of R Whitsunday, and $500 for the most enthusiastic team donated by the Reef Gateway. Special thanks to Home Hardware” Tim added.
Subject to the amount and quality of the entries, there may be an opportunity two months later to compete at the Sydney International Boat Show.

Let us hope the weather is wonderful for this annual Rotary Club of Airlie event.

Coast to Coast 2008

Coast to Coast 2008, Australia's national coastal conference, scheduled for Darwin in August has employed a survey to input the conference agenda.
Those surveyed were asked to "Tell us what you think is important for future coastal programs on community engagement, capacity building and training." To influence the recently announced House of Representatives Standing Committee inquiry into "Climate change and environmental impacts on coastal communities."
The Australian Government has just launched its new program Caring for our Country which amalgamates a number of programs (eg Natural Heritage Trust (NHT), the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality (NAP), Environmental Stewardship Program and the National Landcare Program (NLP)).
The goal of Caring for our Country is: An environment that is healthy, better protected, well managed, resilient and provides essential ecosystem services in a changing climate.
Some of the initiatives announced under the Caring for our Coasts Policy have been integrated into this program.
The Marine and Coastal Community will release the findings next month.

Shute Island light

Mariners are advised that the Q.R light on the port lateral mark No.2 beacon off the northern end of Shute Island has been restored to normal. Chart AUS 253

Rattlesnake Island

Mariners are advised that military units will be conducting live firing on Thursday 19 June between 1000 and 1200 hours. The active arc is a circle of 4.8 nautical miles with the radius centred on approximate position latitude 19° 02.17' S, longitude 146° 36.63' E and not exceeding a height of 20, 000 feet above sea level. The firing point is located at approximate position latitude 19° 02.27' S, longitude 146° 36.72' E with a firing bearing of 305° (T).
Mariners are warned to keep well clear of this area throughout the above times.
AUS charts affected: 256, 371 & 827

The facts

“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them” - Sir William Bragg

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap’n Dan
Media sharks dive into feeding frenzy

Events of the last few days have left Whitsunday locals wondering who the real sharks are.

The shark infested media has enjoyed a feeding frenzy after an experienced British dive instructor and his American girlfriend, a qualified dive master, survived a night floating in 24 degree water near Bait Reef wearing 'only' their full length wetsuits and buoyancy vests. Their taking water bottles for a one-hour dive raised eyebrows on board the dive boat.

It was reported that Richard Neely, 38, and Alison Dalton, 40, sold the story of their 19-hour ordeal to the British Sunday Mirror for an estimated half a million pounds.

The newspaper's website states that it is the "Home of the Sunday Mirror Newspaper. Celebrity, Football, Today's News Headlines"

The half a million pound story tells readers, "As the couple recovered on dry land, they told their inspirational story to the Sunday Mirror"

"When a helicopter finally arrived, the chopper's crew couldn't see them, even though they were hovering virtually overhead.

"Eventually, suffering from hypothermia, they were plucked to safety - just after a highly-venomous sea-snake reared up in Alison's face.

"I truly thought we were going to die. Sharks were on our mind the entire time, but neither of us mentioned the 'S' word," Mr Neely told the Sunday Mirror.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh suggested the couple should contribute to the costs of the operation, estimated as $400,000, which involved seven helicopters, three planes and six boats.

Queensland Water Police acting superintendent Shane Chelepy said: "We're going to take statements from everyone on board that vessel and then there will be the normal issues of taking possession of all of the equipment for further examination."

The divers have rejected claims they had flouted directions, and blamed their dive crew for not finding them sooner. They dismissed claims they should not have left the lagoon near the dive boat; that they had ignored a safety briefing because they were experienced divers and had been told by their tour leader to surface if they left the lagoon.

"I don't believe they were looking for us." said Mr Neely.

They have sold their story to the UK's Sunday Mirror and to other media outlets for an undisclosed fee, although reports have put it at up to $1.1 million AUD.

Celebrity agent Max Markson, who has taken on the couple as clients, said the cost of the rescue would be met by their insurance.

However, David Lippman of insurers Divers Alert Network said the network was willing to cover the evacuation costs from the time the couple were found and may donate some money towards fuel costs.

Max Markson, who helped to sell the story of their rescue exclusively to the English tabloid newspaper, says their story could become a movie.

"There's interest from the major TV networks throughout the world and agencies. There's an immediate story that needs to be told because it's just a miraculous survival," Mr Markson said.

"And then there's the long-term ... there might be a movie or even a book out of it you just never know on these occasions."

Tropical shirts

Well known as the Airlie Beach Tropical Shirt Regatta and formerly known as Hog's Breath Race Week. Founded by Boss Hog Don Algie and members of the Whitsunday Sailing Club in is known as a great sailing and social event that is affordable and fun. Eagerly awaited by the sailing community, the Airlie Beach Race Week attracts over 100 yachts from all over Australia as well as overseas. The week long race takes in the waters of Pioneer Bay and nearby Whitsunday Islands, Airlie Beach. There's plenty to see and do, even if you're not on the water, with BBQs, dinners, skydiving and musical performances. So, whether you're an amateur or a sailing pro, come and experience a week of fun.
Meridien Marinas Airlie Beach Race Week 2008 August 14-21.

Do they tell jokes in India?

A teacher in Mumbai was giving her pupils a logic lesson. "A man is standing up in a boat in the middle of a river, fishing. He loses his balance, falls in the river and begins yelling for help. His wife hears the commotion, knows he can't swim and runs down to the bank. Why do you think she ran to the bank?"
A girl raised her hand and said, "To draw out all his savings?"
Very good, Ha, Ha, Ha, joke from the Mumbai (Bombay) Mirror

Online boat videos

Video Is On-Line
UK-Halsey's website has posted the latest safety at sea video, Onboard Fire-Fighting. This eighth video covers fighting onboard fires and was shot during the hands-on Safety-at-Sea seminar at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. The eight videos take only minutes to view but will greatly improve your safety afloat. There's no cost to view them or to try UK-Halsey's famous rules quizzes: just log on and learn.

Shute Island light

Mariners are advised that the Q.R light on the port lateral mark No.2 beacon off the northern end of Shute Island has been restored to normal. Chart AUS 253

Pancake Creek new buoy

Mariners are advised that a starboard hand lateral buoy with a green light Fl.G.3s has been established to assist the safe passage of small craft into Pancake Creek anchorage. AUS charts: 366, 818

Blessed fish

"May the holes in your net be no larger than the fish in it" ~Irish Blessing

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan
Youth sailing camp this weekend

A great training event for young sailors will be held this weekend at the Whitsunday Sailing Club reports Offbeach Rear-commodore Jeremy Cooper.
"Sponsored by NQ Sabot Association and hosted by WSC, this training weekend is open to all Sabot sailors who wish to develop their sailing skills," Mr Cooper says.
"Coach Ben Callard is an ex-Sabot sailor himself and the training is specifically designed to prepare sailors for the State Championship Regatta to be held 7-9 June in Yeppoon".
"Coach Ben arrives at the sailing club on Friday May 23 and has offered to start coaching with a classroom session on Friday afternoon/evening. Ben knows the Yeppoon waters very well."
"I would encourage all Sabots to be there at the State Sabot Championships it is a great regatta and you will experience very good sailing in larger fleets than we normally experience," Rear-Commodore Cooper said,
"Very good practice for the Sabot Nationals to be held at Airlie Beach in December," he added.
A programme of the weekend is on the Off Beach website at
To Book your place call Jim Hayes on 0400854008

Science is fun

Scientist Lisa Gershwin says this creature was at an evolutionary dead-end: "It's lost the ability to sting, it's lost the ability to swim: it's not a very good jellyfish, as far as jellyfish go."
It looks like snot, it's the size of a grain of rice, and it's taking the marine science world by storm.
Dr. Lisa Gershwin says the tiny creature was found in a seahorse tank at the Townsville Aquarium.
The jellyfish, of the family Coeloplana, has its mouth on its underside and its anus wrapped around its brain.
"It's up to about a centimetre long, it doesn't swim, it glides along the bottom," she said.
"It's found on algae and seagrass and it's just a real thin film, real mucusy like a flatworm but it's got these two tentacles sticking out and it's actually genetically a jellyfish that looks like a flatworm."
Dr. Gershwin told The Whitsunday Guardian the species was an evolutionary "dead end", merely an "anus wrapped around its brain"
Dr. Gershwin said it was the 159th species she had found, and would be named after Dr. Russell Reichelt, chief executive of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
"This particular one, I think is really, really special," she said.
"The typical non-science person thinks of science as happening in sterile labs far away, in a university or a hospital by people in white lab coats and latex gloves.
"This really brings it home that science is all around us and happens in our own backyards."
The jellyfish will be studied further before it is described and submitted to a peer-reviewed journal

Mother of invention

Following a recent marine rescue, a new invention to sell fishers will be an Esky with EPIRB holder. Don't go out without it!

Dent to Dunk Island Yacht Race

Mariners are advised that the Abel Point Yacht Club will be conducting a yacht race along the Queensland Coast from Dent Island to Dunk Island to May 27, between the hours of approximately 1030 and 1700 each day.

Brampton Island

Mariners are advised that works associated with the refurbishment of the Brampton Island Wharf will continue until further notice.
A tug and barge will be on site until completion of works. Channel 16 VHF will be monitored by the tug during the course of the refurbishment works. Please contact the Project Manager Col Wood on (07) 4724 2200 if there are any enquiries. AUS chart: 251

Go on, have a laugh

"Never be afraid to laugh at yourself, after all, you could be missing out on the joke of the century"
- Dame Edna Everage

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan
On the Horizon: Oceanic Whitsunday Boat & Leisure Show

The seventh annual Boat Show is coming to Abel Point Marina on the long weekend June 7 & 8. If you are interested in owning a boat, or want to get information about the marine parks, boat insurance needs, learning how to sail, purchase some new gear for your beloved boat; you cannot miss the Oceanic Whitsunday Boat & Leisure Show.
There will be loads of things to do, entertainment for the kids, the Whitsunday Marine Art Show, safety demos, great food and a cold beer.
Almost sold out but if you are interested in exhibiting or want information, please email to

It happens

Mates Frank and Leisa are up here on their boat again. They borrowed the courtesy car at the Keppel Bay marina to go shopping. They bought a 10-kilo block of squid to use as crab bait on their leisurely trip up the coast. They said bon voyage to the marina and journeyed up the coast to a nice anchorage. When they went looking for the ten kilos of bait -- yes, it was still in the courtesy car.

Lucky For Me

Award winning author Frank Robson's new book, Lucky For Me, Is a full-blooded account of a friendship between man and dog.
Frank Robson puzzles on Lucky, a cream-coloured terrier, who trotted into his life and taught him about survival, mate-ship and the joys of an independent spirit. Expect to laugh, cry and shake your head as you read this wonderful book.
At eighteen months of age, Lucky, a cream-coloured terrier, was dropped off at a vet's clinic in Queensland, abandoned by his owners and suffering from ticks and other terrors. A week away from being put down he was rescued and adopted by Frank Robson and his partner, Leisa.
From the start, the fluffy new member of the sea-going household proved an enigma, displaying a twelve-snort vocabulary, an ability to climb trees (the better to chase parrots) and a disdain for suburbia.
In this full-blooded account of a friendship between man and dog, Robson puzzles on the sentient being who trotted into his life and taught him about survival, mateship and the joys of an independent spirit.

Blessing thanks

Thanks goes out to all those who helped or attended the 19th Blessing of the Fleet on Whit Sunday. It was fun and serious with nice weather.
Next year the day moves later as with Easter, so Whit Sunday the Day of Pentecost and James Cook naming the Whitsunday Island, will be on May 31, 2009.


International Talk like a Pirate Day in Airlie Beach is Saturday September 20. Everyone likes to talk like a pirate, so in a town like Airlie you can also dress up like a pirate and have some fun. The Pirates of the Whitsundays are the polite pirates who use their manners and say please and thank you, and ensure that visitors always come first.

Schooner Rock light

Mariners are advised that the lighted north cardinal mark beacon Q which marks Schooner Rock in approximate position latitude 20° 54' S, longitude 149° 25.9' E off the northern end of St Bees Island has been reported to be unlit.
Mariners should use caution in the vicinity. AUS charts: 251, 824

Nara Inlet entrance buoy

Mariners are advised that the lighted port lateral mark buoy Fl.R.2.5s which has been temporarily established to mark the position of the destroyed lighted port lateral mark beacon Fl.R.2.5s in the entrance to Nara Inlet, which was reported as being off station, has been replaced in position. Mariners should continue to exercise caution when transiting the entrance. (Had a look the other day - the buoy is close to the end of the reef)

Spare a thought

"Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels" Faith Whittlesey

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan
Blessing of the Fleet this Sunday at Airlie

This Sunday is Whit Sunday and will see the 19th annual Blessing of the Fleet at the Whitsunday Sailing Club.
A flag Parade on Airlie Foreshore from Broadwater Avenue Lagoon entrance (start 10.30 am) to the Whitsunday Sailing Club for the 19th Annual Blessing of the Fleet.
Rev. Terry Ayling will perform the Blessing at 11 am followed by lunch & Entertainment
Hamilton Island is taking a much bigger role this year with events including a Whits Sunday Sunrise gathering on Pentecost Island, named in 1770 by James Cook recognising Pentecost and Whit Sunday from the Christian calendar.
Other events include the Official Handover of Sailing Dinghies to Hamilton Island State School at Catseye Beach, and an Inter-Island Catamaran Sail Competition on Hamilton, Hayman & Daydream Islands with a beach BBQ & Pentecost Celebration at Catseye Beach Hamilton Island.
Our Blessing of the Fleet is held each year On Whitsun Day or Pentecost Sunday as our special day. A Blessing of the Fleet is part of the activities of many seaside and fishing communities around the world.
You can come and get involved in the Festival of the Wind' and the 19th annual Blessing of the Fleet,

Coming up in Whitsunday

Just a month to go until the Oceanic Whitsunday Boat and Leisure Show on the weekend of June 7-8.

Then look forward to the 19th Annual Meridien Marinas Airlie Beach Race Week 2008 to be sailed on 14th - 21st August organised with the Whitsunday Sailing Club.
Classes to be sailed IRC Racing Class; One Design; Premier Cruising Class, Performance Racing Class, Cruising Class Non Spinnaker Class and Sports Boat Class
Later in the year you may enjoy International Talk like a Pirate Day in Airlie Beach - Saturday September 20, this year - Everyone likes to talk like a pirate so in a town like Airlie you can also dress up like a pirate and have some fun. The Pirates of the Whitsundays are the polite pirates who use their manners and say please and thank you, and ensure that visitors always come first.

SEANET for safety

The South East Asia Amateur Radio Network (SEANET) was established in 1964 on 20m 14.320 MHz.
The objective of this Net is to promote international understanding and fellowship among amateur hams and to relay maritime and land based emergency, medical, urgent or priority traffic.
This on-the-air meeting which has taken place without fail daily at 1200 UTC has strengthened unity and co-operation among Hams around the world, especially those within the region.

Lights on

International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 16-17 August 2008 is a highly popular annual amateur radio event. Last year 380 lights were on the air from 48 countries with 40 lighthouses being activated in Australia, a wonderful effort second only to the USA with 45 lighthouses.
The event really seems to have captured the imagination of amateurs in this country so keep up the good work and join in this fun event again this year.
All you need to know about the event is contained on the official web site at
The event is organised and managed by the Ayr Amateur Radio Group in Scotland.
We are gradually running out of available lighthouses on the East Coast of Australia so you had better grab one to be in the event.

Sailor rolled

A sailor aboard a damaged sailboat is nursing concussion after being rolled over in the turbulent South Atlantic Ocean but says he has no intention of giving up an unusual solo voyage around the world.
Glenn Wakefield reported from his 12-metre sailboat off the Falkland Islands in a ham radio transmission layered with static.
"This storm is expected to last another three days, so I'll just have to tough it out, that's all I can do here and then once it's over I'll make my way to Stanley, capital of the Falklands." He said.
Wakefield sailed away from Victoria, British Columbia in mid-September intending to become the first North American to circumnavigate west-about, or into the prevailing winds that whirl around the bottom of the planet, rather than sailing with the wind as is conventionally done.

Shute Harbour light

Mariners are advised that the lighted port lateral mark No.2 beacon Q.R in approximate position latitude 20°17.5'S, longitude 148°47.98'E off the northern end of Shute Island has been reported to be unlit. Mariners should use caution in the vicinity. AUS chart: 253.

Boat size world

"When you're in the boat, there is nothing else in your world that matters right then except for what's going on in that boat"

Fair winds to Ye!
Cap'n Dan
Titanic replica arrives in Mackay

The famous Titanic replica will arrive in Mackay this morning and will be open to the public.

Mackay is the first stop on an extended Australian tour for the famous ship.

The builders, ADF constructions, invite the public to enjoy morning tea onboard at the Mackay marina and to inspect the luxury ship.

Further information and to book school tours please call 49535000 -
Sent to media group on April 1 and managed a few bites. Har, Har!